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Now I am dedicated to cuddle your furry friends! When our dog is dirty, matted and stinky we avoid contact with it and we keep our friend away. Have you ever thought that your dog doesn’t understand why you keep distance? He still loves you and wants to be close to you but, your dog cannot take care of itself unless you do it for them!

Keeping our pets clean with well maintained coat (fur) wil keep their skin healthy and you will spend much more quality time with your friend.

I am educated and certified at Merryfield Pet Grooming School in South Florida. I have learned high standards in Pet Grooming, and I am now under training to get my certificate for master grooming on dog shows by the NDGAA ( ) I also have a CPR certificate to assist your pet in case of emergency during it’s stay at my Salon.

Grooming school is not just about perfecting styling skills, we also  learn about your dog’s anatomy so we won’t cause stress, pain or muscle strains. I have also learned how to deal with a dog’s’ temper. I have high hygiene standards to keep your dog safe, so it is mandatory to have physical proof of shot records up to date. This way, you and I know that every pet is cleared  and your baby will be in a safe place. 

I will take good care of your little friend, or big friend! I know it’s anatomy, and the grooming standards of a pure breed. But mixed dogs will look amazing as well! 

Older pets require more attention, they are less patient, their skin and bones are more sensitive and I will dedicate all my special attention on their wellbeing. I have “tummy seats” for my older , lazy or fat friends who don’t feel like  standing still the whole time. 
They look so cute when they can rest on their tummies! My salon welcomes all pets, no matter their condition or age. Your dog has fleas or ticks? Relax, I will remove them all. I want you to feel confident, you will have access to a live transmission camera so you can see my performance while I work on your pet for your peace of mind.

If I note your dog needs to see the Veterinarian I will let you know immediately, even before starting working on him. I am not a veterinarian, I will not solve medical needs but as your pet groomer, I will keep an eye on your pet to make sure it is healthy. I have very competitive pricing, and membership benefits for my clients. 


Come to JoJo’s salon! 

Hi, I am Laura Flores...

At an early age I followed my passion, music and acting, it has been my life for more than 40 years.

Why pet grooming then? I was raised in a family with dogs and cats, and I am convinced that happiness can’t be complete without the love of a pet. My beautiful Golden Retriever passed away on July 2018 at age 11. Her name was Jo Jo, and I am proud to name my salon in her memory.


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